C-Fuse® Cervical Interbody System


The C•Fuse® Cervical Interbody System is comprised of precision instruments and implants designed and engineered for ease of insertion and placement. It is intended to be used as a cervical intervertebral body fusion device at one level from the C3 disc to the C7 disc. The implant features multiple implant heights to adapt to the patient’s anatomy. Each interbody implant is manufactured from radiolucent PEEK and contains tantalum makers strategically placed for radiographic evaluation.


  • 5°Lordosis and Multiple Height Options to Accommodate  the Patient’s Specific Anatomy
  • Large Graft Space for Autogenous Bone Graft
  • Reverse Angled Teeth on the Endplate Surfaces to Allow for Secure Placement
  • Simple, Easy-to-Use Instrumentation

Caution: Federal Law (USA) restricts this device to sale by or on the order of a physician.
C-Fuse is a trademark of Southern Spine, LLC