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StabiLink® The Ultimate L5-S1 Solution

While 35-40% of all lumbar procedures involve L5-S1, many of the Interspinous Process Devices (IPD) are not suitable for L5-S1 and therefore miss this critical area.  In addition, most other Interspinous Process Devices only act as “extension blockers” and do very little to limit axial rotation or lateral bending. StabiLink® stabilizes the motion in all three planes and is indicated for use from, T1 to S1.

Biomechanical Stability

The StabiLink® Dual Lamina MIS Interlaminar Fixation System has been proven to provide significant biomechanical stability.  The patented Laminar Lock design effectively limits motion in all three planes – lateral bending, axial rotation and flexion/extension, when compared to pedicle screw fixation.

What Makes StabiLink® Dual Lamina, The Ultimate L5-S1 Solution

Patented "Laminar Lock" Design

  • "Laminar Lock" design forms a 90º flare to engage the stronger laminar bone


  • Low Profile, Tapered Tray ensures easy insertion through interspinous space                                   
  • Up to 20º of sagittal  angulation better conforms  to patient anatomy